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Features of Vehicle Tracking Kit

Driver Performace Analysis

Depo Report

Route Daviation Analysis

Over Speed Reporting

Immobilising the Engine

Live Tracking / SOS

Spy Listening in the Car

Air Condition Detection

Ignition ON/OFF Detection

Realtime Monitering

Upgradation of Firmware

Custom Geo Fencing Creation

Our Benifits

Avoidance of Misuse of Vehicles

Reduce Operation Cost

Theft Protection of Vehicle

Calculation of Expected Time of Arrival and Departure of Vehicle

Tracking of Number of Trip made in Perticular Time

Monitor of over Speeding to make up Time Resulting in Accident

Reduce Unnecessary Fuel Consumption due to Engine Idling

Monitoring of Under-utilistaion of Vehicle

Our Utility

Infrastructure & Constrution Companies

Vehicle Rental / Fleet Managment etc

Provide Peace of Mind for Businessmen

Manage Personal

Global Positions

Our Other Security Product

TechnoTronics has extended its product line to cover every aspect of the physical security industry including: safes, vaults, vault doors, bank safe deposit boxes, modular strong room, hotel safes/hotel card lock systems, home safes, office safes, department store safes, surveillance camera, armored vehicles, transport of valuables, electronic and mechanical combination locks.

TechnoTronics's wide range of physical security system is tailored towards meeting the needs of the banking industry, businesses/offices, governments, hotels, retail industry, V.I.Ps and private households. Company also offers CCTV Surveillance system.

Security Surveillance System

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